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    Bangladesh is a small country with a vast population. The density of Population is one of the highest in the world. The existing facilities under the MOHFW are inadequate to take care of the increasing Health and Family Planning needs of the people and a large number of new facilities, up-gradation & remodeling of existing facilities is necessary to provide required Health & Family Welfare Services. Beside this, shortage of adequate Nurses, Medical Technicians, Paramedics, etc. in the Health and Family Welfare Sector is also notable without whom the dream of providing modern and latest health services might remain a myth. Construction of some Institutions/Colleges (NC, MATI, IHT, etc), alongside hospitals is therefore equally important. Under such a context, Public Works Department has been working closely with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for a long time for construction and maintenance of health care facilities in the country. As a matter of fact, most of the healthcare facilities in the country in the past were constructed by PWD. PWD is still tirelessly working to construct and maintain all the large hospitals and specialized hospitals.

    PWD Health Wing was created in May 27, 1990 headed by an Additional Chief Engineer to facilitate planning and implementation of all works under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Additional Chief Engineer is supported by one Superintending Engineer, one Executive Engineer, several Sub-Divisional Engineers, Assistant Engineers, Sub-Assistant Engineers and other support staff. Like other units of PWD, Health Wing gets support from the Department of Architecture and Electro Mechanical Unit of PWD to smoothly accomplish its task. It can be mentioned here that construction of hospitals need specialized knowledge because of many electro-mechanical equipment used for various purposes. Over the past years, PWD gained invaluable expertise in construction and maintenance of all kind of health care facilities.

    Main responsibilities of PWD Health wing involves
    • Maintain close liaison with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and act as coordinator among the field level office of PWD, Department of Architecture and MOHFW.
    • Prepare tender documents and invite tender for the large works under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
    • Maintain liaison with the Design Division and Department of Architecture to make the structural and architectural design and drawing available on time.
    • Monitor the physical and financial progress of the projects under MOHFW and send report to all concerned.
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