• PWD Specialized Units

    To achieve exellence in its operation, PWD has :

    PWD Health Wing

    Bangladesh is a small country with a vast population. The density of Population is one of the highest in the world. The existing facilities under the MOHFW are inadequate to take care of the increasing Health and Family Planning needs of the people and a large number of new facilities, up-gradation & remodeling of existing facilities is necessary to provide required Health & Family Welfare Services......
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    Planning Unit

    A proper planning of a project is a pre-requisite and essential first step for its proper implementation. The process starts with acquisition of lots of information such as the topography and demography of the location of the project area, soil condition, location of natural water bodies and ecologically critical areas, water quality etc along with requirement of the client ministries........
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    PWD Structural Design Units

    Public Works Department (PWD) ownsa strong well equipped design unit at its Head Quarter headed by an Additional Chief Engineer (Planning and Special Projects).Under hisadministration, there are two design chief officescalledDesign Circles,headed by Superintending Engineers (S.E)........
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    Electro Mechanical Unit

    Electro-mechanical works are integral and important part of construction of a building comprising of many components such as internal electrification, sub-station, HVAC system, elevator/escalators, pump, compound lighting, fire detection and protection system, building security, building automation, medical gas pipeline system, stage light and sound system, computer networking system, solar system, fountain etc........
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    PWD MIS Circle, Dhaka

    To lead its journey from an analog to digital PWD, MIS Circle is playing an important role. A data center has been established at MIS Circle including all necessary hardware and software support which include servers, network equipment like core & distribution switches, access switch, routers, firewalls, SAN system and fiber optic backbone, high-speed Internet, LAN connectivity etc........
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    PWD Training Academy and Testing Laboratory

    In the present world, science and technology changes very fast and it is imperative for the professionals to keep themselves up to date. Training plays an important role in acquiring new knowledge and getting updated information on various subjects. It also creates opportunity for the professionals to have practical experiences on various aspects related to their job work.......
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    Wood Workshop

    Most of the ornamental and special woodwork of inportant Government projects are undertaken by the PWD Wood Workshop Division. The division also supplies furniture as per the requirements of any Government department.

    Arboriculture Division

    For creating aesthetically pleasing and environment-friendly surroundings and landscape as well as maintaining water bodies, lakes,pools,etc.

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